Due to our unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Real Estate Broker servicing Canyon Lake, Spring Branch, New Braunfels, Bulverde, San Antonio and Garden Ridge and the areas surrounding Comal County, many of our satisfied real estate clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding our real estate services.

This section is designed to give you some ideas of the level of service that we can provide as a Real Estate broker. Receiving thanks from clients who have had successful real estate transactions is largely due to the fact that we always assess the needs of our real estate clients and provide them with a level of service that is second to none.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact us regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.


Yesterday I received the payment from the title company for the sale of my Canyon Lake property! It has been a real pleasure working with you.  It was good to know you were on my side through the whole process.  Thank you so much for your attention to detail and depth of knowledge on all the questions I've had.
 Alan Johns    August 01, 2019

Thank You So Very Much

Thank you so VERY MUCH for all you did to help sell my lots.  I've just been amazed at your talents in locating the heir.  I asked Craig to please get all the details from you and let me know the whole story.  It's better that way since all things need to be repeated to me. Old age is a bore!  Memory and hearing are difficult, sadly.  Thank you again and my very best wishes to you.
 Mary Mixon   December 20, 2018

A Million Thank You's

A million thank you's for being so easy to work with on getting our land sold!  With sincere appreciation...
 Joe & Marnie Inocencio        December 15, 2018

She Was So Excited!

Mom called me yesterday, to let me know she had received her check from the sale of the properties.  She was so excited! We both want to thank you for all of your hard work, that went above and beyond, the typical responsibility of a Realtor, but it was exactly what we were looking for and hoping for, since we did not know what we were going to do about the property deed problem.  Mom will be sending you a Christmas card soon, with her thanks as well.
Again, thank you for your help and feel free to use our comments on your website, if you choose to do so, to let others know of your great service!
 Craig Carrillo-Perkins & Mary Mixon             December 12, 2018

I Just Wanted to Thank You

I just wanted to thank you so much for getting the land in Canyon Lake sold for us.  We appreciated how quickly and easily you made it for us.  Again, thank you!
 Barb Larson,   December 04, 2018

WOW, an honest realtor is great

WOW, an honest realtor is great.  Thanks for all your hard work, nice ending for our investment of over 40 years.
 Bob and Eileen Wyckoff           October 15, 2018

My Bank Account Shows

Hello Rochelle.  My bank account shows that the proceeds from the sale of my last Cypress Cove lot have been received.  I thank you very much for your efforts in selling the lots for me.  Also, I will miss hearing from you.  I may have to buy some property for you to sell, just to stay in touch.  
Edmunds Travis    February 01, 2017 

I Received the Wired Money

I received the wired money for the sale of the land.  I just wanted to say thank you for the quick and painless sale of the land.  If ever I need your services or know someone that I know needs it I will make sure you are the person I call.
Rusty Thompson    January 26, 2017 

We Are So Thankful

We are so thankful that you sent us the letter that you did.  We are ever more thankful that we answered it.  Your expertise, knowledge and professionalism have been such a blessing for us.  You have lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders and we thank you so very much for that.  
Once again thank you and we hope that your holidays bring you lots of blessings and joy.  I will miss your cheery voice.
Richard and June Hughes    Nov 28, 2016 

I Hope This Will Make Your Day

I hope this will make your day a little brighter.  Thanks for all of your help.
 Don Martine   November 04, 2016

We've Finally Built Our House

We've finally built our house on the lot you helped us find and we are finally officially Texans now.  I just wanted to say "hello & thank you" and invite you to stop in sometime when you're in the neighborhood.  We've only been here a short time but we really love it and we think that you helped find the perfect home. 
 Clara & Howard Hada    July 04, 2016

I Received The Wire Transfer

Rochelle, I received the wire transfer.  I also wanted to thank you for your help and expeditious handling of this process.  It was a pleasure doing business with you! Regards,
Tim Railsback   May 31, 2016

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much for all you did to help us sell our property on Cactus Flower on Canyon Lake.  You did a marvelous job of keeping things moving and giving us timely advice.
Dru and Dennis Falk             April 14, 2016 

I Can't believe I've waited This Long...

Dear Rochelle, I can't believe I've waited this long to write and thank you for the excellent handling of the sale of my lot in Canyon Lake Estates!  Thank you so much for taking that problem off my plate. I was please with the amount we managed to get for it and with the buyers - whom I never met, of course. From your description, though, they sounded like the perfect buyers for this property. I do hope they are able to build there and enjoy it. You are an excellent Realtor! Thank you again for the fine service you provided me.  I'm sorry we didn't get to meet in person. Very Sincerely,
Sonja Asendorf, February 06, 2016 

I Just Want To "Thank You Big Time"

Dear Rochelle.  I just want to "Thank You Big Time". You did a wonderful job and I want you to know John is very impressed with your work and also the girls at the Title Co.  He said he put your phone #'s in his phone (or book) in case he ever has any dealings up that way.  And I was very thankful I kept your card all these years.  You really know your business, I wish (If I ever decide to sell my home) you could do it - 150? miles away.  This will probably be down the way sometime.  I really appreciate all your work, just so sorry I didn't have things in better order and for Lynda also.  I'm going to write to her, also.  Thanks a million.  Love and blessings.
Joann Sosebee            May 31, 2015

Thank you so much...

Thank you so much for your hard work and determination. It's been a pleasure having you as my realtor. I may have an occasion to utilize your expertise in the future and will keep your contact information handy. Best of luck for your continued success!
G David Fisher, November 14, 2014

Just wanted to thank you...

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did to sell my property. I first contacted you in July and you had my property sold in November. That is amazing! I also enjoyed speaking to you on a personal basis. I wish you all the best in the future. Sincerely,
Mike Peeters, November 12, 2014

So glad to meet you...

Hello Rochelle...So glad to meet you and I enjoyed your best pal, Inky. I wish to thank you once again for finding a buyer and all the processing and paperwork that goes into this kind of transaction. I really do not understand all the vocabulary and procedures...but that is your line of expertise. Bless you and again thank you very much.
Helen Hamm, September 12, 2014

Thank you

Thank you Rochelle for all of your hard work. I would have you sell our house if you were in Dallas!
Gary Hart, August 26, 2014

Thank you so much for everything.

Working with you has been an absolute pleasure.  In six months, you did what no one else has been able to do in 10 years! I would like to thank you for your tireless work in getting this lot sold. You made every step in the process so easy, kept me well-informed, and treated me more like a friend than a client. From the moment the lot was listed everything was easy.  From the e-sign process, to handling the offer, and even catching errors in the title commitment and addressing those, you have far surpassed my expectations.  I almost hate that I don't have another piece of land to sell so I can work with you again!  I will definitely pass along your information to anyone I know in the area who is selling or in the market for land.  Your services have been absolutely priceless.  Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it, but thank you again!
Jessica Poe, January 30, 2014

Thank You For Representing Us

 I wanted to follow up and say thank you for representing us in a smooth transaction. Your phone meetings with us were professional and curteous. Your prompt attention to our questions was great. And getting to know you via phone was fun.

Josaf Rodriguez, May 2011

Thank you ...

Rochelle, Although the words are short and few, This brings the warmest thanks to you.

Delia G Gonzalez, October 2010


Thanks for all your hard work...

Thanks for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated, especially since this is a low value transaction. By the way, I gave my neighbor your card and told him how good you are. I hope he calls you.

Phil Monard, June 2010

One of the best realtors...

Thank you so much. One of the best realtors I have dealt with. I wish you were here in Flower Mound to help me sell my current house soon :).

Sudheesh Thampi, May 2010

You are an AWESOME person...

Thank you for all you have done to help uo sell this land. You are an AWESOME person. I am glad to have gotten to know you. You always have a great happiness when you speak to me and I appreciate that.

Cynthia Collins, October 2009


Thank you so very much...

You can't help it... I presume it's just your nature to be kind and generous and I am just so grateful! Thank you. Thank you for all your work!

Doni Meador, November 2009

Smooth transaction...

Dear Rochelle - Thank you for all you did for this smooth transaction. I hope we can meet sometime in the future.

Fran Mahler, November 2008

Thank you for all the info...

Received the listing package this morning. Thank you for all the info. Fantastic! You gave us more info than any of the other real estate agents and we really appreciate it.

Jean Ruff, September 2008


Thanks again for everything...

Rochelle, Thanks again for everything. The funds were wired to my account and I received a copy of the settlement documents. The sale was just what I needed to close up some loose ends concerning my divorce. Thanks again for all your patience and help and I wish you great luck and success in the future.

Paul Akerley, September, 2008

You did a good job...

Hi Rochelle. I'm glad the Ackerley's finally got their land sold. You did a good job for them. Thanks again.

Linda Knell-Schoening, Realtor, September 2008


We really did have confidence in you...

Yes, we really did have confidence in you, especially when you actually pursued selling the property. We had it listed several years back, and then never heard another word from the agency. You certainly earned your commission.

James Mycock, August 2008

Evidence of Persistance...

Dear Ms. Cardona, Thanks again for your evidence of persistance in your efforts to sell the lot. Please use your discretion in managing the sale. The price, of course, is yours to bargain with. I trust you to do the best you can.

Aaron Posey, April 2008

What a Terrific Experience...

Dear Rochelle, I just wanted to let you know what a terrific experience it has been to work with you over the past month in getting my clients into your client's home! Your commitment to representing your client was fierce yet you heard my client's needs as well and we were able to satisfy both! I appreciated so much your professionalism, compassion and perserverance in getting the job done! It was a real pleasure working with you, I hope that will happen again real soon!

Tracy Allyn-Acosta, Realtor, March 2008

As hard as you worked...

Rochelle, I am so glad this is a done deal and I know you are, too. As hard as you worked, wish I had been able to sell the lot for more - just so you could have made more on commission. If you ever come to Orlando on vacation, please give me a call. I am always looking for someone to go on a cruise with me, my husband doesn't like to travel much anymore. So take care and once again, I appreciate you getting rid of this lot for me !!

Nancy Dulski, March 2008

Let me just say...

Let me just say --- You are one of the Best --- if not "The Best" Realtor I've ever worked with... :). I've had 9 or 10 houses in my lifetime --- plus "a lot" now --- and I have been --- "Very Very Impressed" --- with how well you handled the sale of our lot! If you ever need a reference --- I will be delighted to talk with anyone you send my way --- and will gladly tell them how Professional and Thorough you have been in the sale of our lot ... :). Thank you --- Thank you --- Thank you ... for a job well done!

Fino Alaniz, March 2007


Thanks for selling our lot...

Thanks for selling our lot. you did a good job.

Bill Shaw, June 2005

Please accept this gift...

Rochelle, Please accept this gift as an expression of our sincere gratitude for all you have done for us.

Gail and Franz Jobst, April 2006

Quick and Professional...

Thank you for selling our home so quickly and professionally. You definitely took some stress off our shoulders - and did it quickly and with the most minimal amount of worry. Thanks again and thanks for a new friendship.

Stacey Brown, April 2005

Just a Note of Thanks

Just a note of Thanks for working so hard on our House sale.  We are all so pleased with the time and effort you put into it. I sincerely thank you for making it pleasant for my sister Mary. It was a very hard year for her with all the problems with our mothers death. I do appreciate it.

 Mike Everett, April 2003



Your honesty, professionalism and enthusiasm really helped...

Dear Rochelle, Thanks for helping us with our real estate needs! You have helped us to buy, and now to sell. Your honesty, professionalism and enthusiasm really helped to make what we thought would be a difficult experience a pleasant one. When we were in the market to purchase a home, you helped us get the most house for our money, and your sense of what we liked and could afford was right on target. You didn't spend time trying to convince us of what to buy, you presented each listing and let us make the decision without rushing us. You helped us with the financing portion of the transaction, which we really appreciated. Now that we are selling, I look forward to working with you again. I wish you much success with your new business, and am confident that if you put as much time and energy in each client that you did with us, your business will be a huge success! Thanks for all your hard work and dedicated efforts! I will recommend you to everyone I know who has need for a Realtor!

Norma Barron

You are a miracle to me and my wife...

Dear Rochelle, I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your ability to sell our home on such short notice. You are a miracle to me and my wife. After dealing with a real estate agent that took advantage of our naiveness to the real estate market and placed us in a situation that we thought was no turning back. Naturally, we were apprehensive with working with another 'real estate agent'. We need not have worried! When everyone turned their backs on us or just took advantage of our youth and vulnerability, you took us by the hand and led us in the path to understand real estate. Thank you, Rochelle. I will always recommend your services to all that are in need of a professional realtor and friend. Rochelle, my wife and I wish you the very best with your new company. Healthy growth will mean new clients for you. Please feel free to share this letter wherever you like.

Dave Aguilar, July 1995

Rochelle is known for her honesty...

Rochelle is known for her honesty and friendly attitude towards mankind. Rochelle is truly a Professional Realtor who puts every effort at her disposal to sell your property in the shortest time possible. She also will sure to represent you in your best interest from the Seller point of view to the best prospective Buyer. If on the other hand if you should become a Buyer she will make every effort to make sure you get the best available deal in the price range you desire.

Dolfo and Carmel Dizon, July 1995

I always found her to be available....

I would like to recommend Rochelle Cardona to anyone that might be interested in either purchasing real estate or selling real estate. She listed my home at Canyon Lake, TX and helped me find a maximal price with consideration of amenities, location, and etc. After just a few months she found a buyer who paid the real estate listing price. She also helped me in relocating in San Antonio. I always found her to be available, pleasant, and knowledgable in every area concerning real estate.

Evelyn Lovelady

Extremely professional and caring...

Rochelle Cardona is an extremely professional and caring individual. In addition, Ms. Cardona's expertise is exceptional as she genuinely takes into consideration the needs of the buyer. Indeed, she is a qualified representative for anyone who is requiring realty advice. Please use this testimonial for Ms. Cardona's advantage.

David and Dolores Leal, July 1995

Rochelle is creative and listens to specific needs...

I would highly recommend Ms. Rochelle Cardona as a professional real estate agent. Rochelle is creative and listens to each buyers specific needs.  As a real estate buyer, my time was limited. Rochelle personally previewed each property, meeting my specifications, prior to requesting my viewing the property. She did this willingly and was able to locate my new home in a short period of time. Rochelle Cardona was courteous, punctual and professional as a real estate agent.

Donald R Smith